Her Life With Boobs–Welcome!

Photo herlifeprofileFrom Bridgett:

I have been thinking about boobs for a long time, really since the day I first realized I had them (thanks to my uncle!). I developed early and all at once. Overnight, it seemed, I grew boobs, and not just boobs, but BIG BOOBS! My boobs were so big–my little sister didn’t want me to wear her light blue swim-team shirt because she was afraid she could “catch” big boobs if we wore the same shirt. My boobs were so big–my little brothers and my sister called me “Triple B” for Big Boobs Bridgett! My boobs were so big….okay, okay, I’ll stop here and say that my family has a sick sense of humor (a good thing for sure), and still I’m not forever damaged from the boob teasing I received. However, I did grow up very, very aware of my body, especially my boobs. And as I grow older (42 long years) and watch my children grow up (2 boys and 2 girls), I’ve started to recognize the ways my thoughts and assumptions about my own as well as others boobs have helped to create the world I perceive.

The difference in the way that boys and girls move in the world is not only fascinating to me but also something I want to explore more; I know that those budding boobs (the way they stick out from the body, they way they take up space in a shirt, they way they take up space in a room!) affects a girl’s freedom of movement, her notion of space. What I hope to do with this weblog is to counter my own assumptions about what it means to have boobs, to discover the social conventions that keep boobs in the United States covered up and contained in bras as if they are something that unleashed could wreak havoc on the good people of the country, or conversely pierced and plumped with packets of silicone or water so high up on the chest they could stand in for a collar bone!

It isn’t my contention that the boobs we grow are a terrible force of oppression, only that like everything else about the female body, they have been objectified and augmented with meaning that affects they way women live in the world. This blog, is for me, a way to explore and challenge these assumptions. Boobs are only one factor in the societal constraint system women live within due to assumptions about physical beauty or its lack, but I think it will be interesting to take a focused look at the role boobs play. I will be posting regularly (daily, I hope) with the things I learn about boobs as I begin to study their historical, literary, and physical significance, but I will also be posting the stories that I have accumulated over the years of my own life with boobs!

From Jessica:

When Bridgett suggested doing a boob blog, I was instantly interested. I have always had the biggest set of boobs in my circle of friends. It seems like I am a silent minority of women in our society who wants smaller boobs.  It seems that the extra large variety of boobs are, “in”.  My husband, for some strange reason, also really likes my boobs.  I was able to breastfeed a baby full time for 12 months, so by all accounts, I have perfect boobs.  So why do I hate them?  Because society tells me they are ugly.  Let’s face it, if you don’t have a nice round, firm, perky rack, your boobs are ugly by society standards.  Gone are the days of tribal times in which au naturel boobs are socially acceptable.  The national geographic look is out, and the firm implant look is hip.

So we have embarked on this boob blog to help women (myself included) be okay with their boobs.  If we can help demonstrate that our view of boobs is socially constructed and relative, then maybe we can all feel a little better about the boobs we are born with.  Positive self-esteem and body image are strongly connected so if we can feel better about our boobs, we can feel better in general.

One response to “Her Life With Boobs–Welcome!

  1. Boobs are NOT ugly- they are among the most beautiful parts of a woman’s physique. Even asymmetrical ones are a boon to a woman’s attractiveness to the opposite (and yes sometimes even the same sex!). They have been celebrated in art , religion and cultures for over 20,000 years that we know of and the respect, reverence and yes, even lust they inspire, has remained static over the generations since caveman times. They are a real force to contend with and their powers of inspiration and attraction are often very underrated by their female posssessors- indeed owners. All it takes is a little to much cleavage exposure, a slight flash or casual contact and they send their own signals to the subliminal psyche of simple observers. They can inspire feelings ranging from admiration to lust, stir up primeval feelings from warmth and desire to even occasional disgust or disdain depending on the psychological makeup and experiences of the observer and context in which their influence is exerted. Their power is as strong as unpredictable- but never can they be considered purely ugly or inconsequential. In fact a whole industry has been built around the exposure of boobs which is so successful and pervasive that it affects our daily lives as fashion designers, photographers, film makers, ad agencies, adult entertainers, the media, and even minor to major artists and even crude pornographers capitalize on the power of boobs.

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