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This morning I went looking for more news about breasts. With Christmas coming and my mind as soft and wayward as my boobs, I am having a difficult time coming up with creative and original thoughts. I have ideas but lack the ability to craft any of them into intelligible prose. That said, my ability to read seems intact, and this morning I landed at If you must know, I typed sagging breasts into Google to see what I could come up with. The idea that boobs shouldn’t sag drives me absolutely crazy, and before I entered 007b’s fantastic breast gallery (pictures of normal boobs with commentary from the owners of the boobs), I found some crazy sites with some “tips” on how to keep your breasts from sagging which included everything from the old exercises–“We must, we must, we must increase our bust”–to wide-strapped bras and enhancement creams to those miracle fat injections (your butt fat transferred to syringes and injected into your breasts!!! Sounds like fun, huh).

Needless to say, I was so glad to end up at 007b whose mission– Discussion and info about the purpose of breasts:  sexual objects or to breastfeed our babies?–is stated on website’s homepage.

If you are wondering why a website open to a discussion of the purpose of breasts would have such a James Bondish sounding name, the folks at 007b have an explanation for you:

Why ?

The number 007 (read as “double-oh-seven”) is normally connected with the thought of intelligence work and spies.  Here at the ‘B’ doesn’t stand for “Bond” but for BREASTS.  Our goal is to get people to use their intelligence, so as not to fall prey to the typical “007 – James Bond” type of thinking, which is so prevalent in many countries of our world today.

Pretty great, huh!

I’m going back for more reading, but the website covers everything from breastfeeding to the “normalization” of boobs by the media to the mission of Topfreedom–the move to make it legal for women to go topless wherever it is legal for men to go topless.

Go take a look for yourself:

Happy Holidays!



2 responses to “Interesting Website:

  1. Bridgett, that site is must reading for all women. What I like about it is that they celebrate breasts of all sizes and degrees of firmness. Saggy breasts are shown in the same light as perky breasts. We can’t allow ourselves to continue to be conditioned that only perky breasts are attractive and saggy breasts must be bound up in a support bra. I have saggy breasts, and, to me, they are beautiful. They are never bound up in a bra and lie in their natural position.

  2. yes its really a good site with all details about female breasts. a must read by all women.
    The name of the site is very different and sounds very interesting but after landing to the site someone can guess about the topic of the website

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